Sunday, August 9, 2009


We spent last week in Rhinebeck with my parents. The drive up wasn't too terrible. I suppose if Mat was the one writing this blog, he might have something different to say. Braeden is really great at entertaining Gage which is a huge help. Mat packed each boy a bag of toys and books plus a couple of baggies of snacks to tide us over between stops. Three of us slept some in the early morning hours while Mat drove through Virginia. We had breakfast in Winchester, our usual stopping place, and lunch at Wegmans in Wilkes-Barre. We started stopping there a few trips ago and really, really like it. Mat and I are huge Wegmans fans since our college years in Geneva. If only they could open a few dozen stores in NC...we can dream, right??

Anyway, we had a great time in Rhinebeck. Abi and Jeremy came down Sunday for a cook-out. Jeremy paid Braeden a dollar to help him run things back and forth from the house to the grill. Bray was so proud to help Jeremy and especially proud of his dollar which he carried with him the entire time he was helping.

Abi came down again on Wednesday and went to Trader Joe's with mom, Braeden, and me. I like Trader Joe's, but mom and Abi are a little obsessed. Abi's list filled an entire piece of paper! I think I had more fun watching them shop than anything else. Braeden was happy to get little cups of TJ's version of cheerios and a couple packages of cinnamon letter cookies.

One day mom and I went to Tivoli to visit a yarn store I'd been dying to check out. Unfortunately I got the hours wrong so we just ended up having coffee and corn muffins at a weird, little grocery store/diner/coffee bar. Mat and I went back to Tivoli another night for dinner at a fun Mexican place. We drove mom's Miata and ate on the patio. The weather was beautiful, not too hot or humid with a great breeze. After dinner we drove down to Rhinecliff to sit by the river for a little bit. We watched a couple of guys launch out on the river in kayaks. Personally, I thought they were a little nuts but it looked like they did this a lot. It was so nice to get away together for the night, to enjoy a really great dinner, uninterrupted conversation, and a few minutes in one of my most favorite places.

We got out the inflatable pool and the boys played very happily in it for hours. Gage was so not into it at first. He screamed when I first put him in it. It took at least a couple of hours before P-Pa convinced him to get in it again. He was fine until he slipped and got wet up to his waist. But he really loved using mom's measuring cups to pour water onto himself, the grass, the bushes, and back into the pool. Braeden loved splashing and jumping in the water. He used the measuring cups and an old coffee can to make us food to eat and coffee to drink. And he really, really loved having squirt gun fights with my dad.

I didn't bring my camera so I have no pictures of our visit except for the one I took with my camera phone of Braeden in the pool. Mom took some pictures, so I'll have to wait until she e-mails me a few.

The only trouble we had was with Gagey sleeping. Either he didn't like his room or his crib, or maybe he was just off kilter being in a new place. I don't know. But he had serious trouble sleeping. He wouldn't settle down when I put him in the crib. Most nights (and nap times), mom or I would have to hold him and try to get him calmed down. He was perfectly content to fall asleep in our arms but would wake up the moment we made a move to put him in the crib. Most of the time he had to cry himself out before he could fall asleep. Poor kid.

The drive home was definitely rougher than the drive down. Gage was less thrilled to be in the car than he was on the way down. We made it, though. And as much as we enjoyed the visit, I think we were all glad to be home again.