Thursday, September 17, 2009


So I didn't manage to get a picture of Braeden in his medal but I did want to tell you about the conversation he and Mat had over dinner last night.

Braeden started asking Mat questions about planets. It started with Mars and Mat explaining that it would take months to get there. Braeden knows Mars is a red planet, thanks to a Backyardigans episode. That episode has a great song, Boinga, that Alicia Keys sings. I'm not at all ashamed to admit it makes me want to dance right along with Uniqua, Pablo, and Austin!

(The video quality isn't great but I wanted you to see the dancing!)

After they got done talking about Mars, Braeden asked about other planets. Mat went through the list...amazingly, he still remembers the order of the planets, something we learned in elementary school. And he also knows that somewhere along the line scientists changed the pronunciation of Uranus to stop people from cracking so many jokes. No more Pluto and now it's Ur-a-nus...this just feels weird to me.

So as Mat's rattling off the list of planets, Braeden brings up the purple planet. Mat seemed confused, so Braeden explained that Dora and Boots visited the purple planet in an episode of Dora the Explorer. :)

Mat took it all in stride and explained that he didn't know about the purple planet but that Neptune was blue. And then he explained to Braeden how it got its name. He asked Bray what else he knew that was called Neptune. Braeden immediately named the Neptune statue in Virginia Beach. And he also remembered there's a King Neptune in Spongebob. He and Mat talked about how Neptune is the king of the sea. And Mat asked him what color is the ocean. Braeden replied blue, and he realized that's why the blue planet was named Neptune.

I had the greatest time listening to the two of them talk about planets, both real and imagined. I love that Mat never talks down to Braeden and is always interested in teaching him something real.

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Me-ma said...

Seeing King Neptune statue makes the trip in October seem closer!! Thanks for the blogs. Loved reading it all.