Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So much to say

I know it's been a long time since I posted when Mat complains about it. I've got no excuse. I guess we've just been living our lives, going about our business, not that there hasn't been a lot of cuteness that I ought to be chronicling. It just hasn't made it from life to the blog, I guess.

He loves playing under the sewing cabinet. Where's Gage?

Let me try to do a quick recap of the last month...

Gage is (finally) starting to say a few things. He loves trucks and calls them guck. He also points to ducks but again, guck. He's been saying cat for a while. Or dat and pointing at the cat. He's been waving forever but he just started saying bye bye when he does it. So cute! He says shoes which comes out more like sues. This weekend we got him saying cracker, more like cra-cka really, and cookie. When we see a dog, he'll say doe. He's been saying ball (baa) for a while now. I think that might be it for now. I'd love to get him saying Braeden or whatever form of that he could get out. I think Braeden would love to tell people Gage can say his name.

I went into the living room the other night to check on the boys. They were watching cartoons, very quietly and peacefully. And this is how I found Gage.

I love his sweet face!

We've got a new-ish bed time routine with Gage. Mat does the bath then it's "go find mommy" time. Gage comes naked to the top of the stairs and Braeden and I go up to see him. Gage waits until he knows we're coming up then he takes off into Braeden's room. Braeden goes after him and pats his belly while saying fat baby. He heads back downstairs to watch more cartoons and I stay upstairs. We get Gage into his PJs and brush his teeth then he and I head into his bedroom to read books. He has several favorites that we have to read. Dear Zoo was a gift from Emily to Braeden way back when and it continues to be a hit in our house. He also loves Goodnight Moon 123, a counting book. It's how he learned that socks go on your feet and mittens go on your hands. He really likes a book about opposites that was a gift from Abi for Braeden. It has flaps that open up to new pictures. She also gave us a board book called Rainbow Fish that Gage adores. After we've read our books, I tell him to get his pacci. He climbs up on Nanny's chair and gets one off the bookcase. I pick him and carry him over so that he can turn off his light. Then it's over to the crib where he picks up his lovey. I pull the pacci out of his mouth so he can give me a kiss then it's into the crib. He is still so good about bed time. He goes right down and never makes a peep.

Mat got a new car that he absolutely loves, a MazdaSpeed 3. It's fast, a little loud, an incredibly bright (and some might say garish) shade of blue, and so much fun to drive! I got a hair cut and have been knitting, knitting, knitting.

And watching tennis. The US Open is my favorite of the Slams. I adore watching night matches under the lights. I love the play on hard courts. And typically, I love watching my favorite American men kick butt. Not this year though. Andy Roddick and James Blake lost on the same day, depressingly enough. My other favorites went out around the same time. I've been forced to pay attention to players I don't normally notice. There's a 17-year-old girl from Georgia who's beating big names (like Maria Sharapova). She's been fun. I rediscovered a guy I've liked in previous tournaments, Juan Martin Del Potro. And the Bryan Brothers playing doubles. They are just so much fun to watch! Apparently me typing that jinxed them...and they're out!

I updated Braeden's blog too, so check it out!

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Me-ma said...

great haircut! Thanks for that post about the words and I just hung up from our phone call and heard Gage say many words -- can't wait to see them in Va Beach.