Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween preview

This morning as I was getting ready to leave, Braeden told me when he grows up he wants to work at UNCG so he can stay with me. He didn't like that I was leaving him. I just thought that was the sweetest thing he could say. I had to go back and give him another big hug. No wonder I can't ever make it to work on time in the mornings!

Friday his class is having a Halloween party. The kids can come in costumes if they want. Or as Braeden told me, they have to come in costume. I didn't want him messing up his fireman costume he'll wear Saturday night, so I thought up a couple other ideas...costumes I could easily create with what we already had in the house. I thought my first idea was perfect. Braeden should be a surfer. He can wear his swimmy trunks, a tee shirt, sunglasses, flip flops, and carry his kickboard as a pretend surfboard. Well, apparently you don't wear swimmy trunks to school unless it's pool day. Huh. Guess he told me. My second idea was that he go as NY Giants player. He's got the shirt and a Giants football. I figure he can wear sweatpants. And I was thinking of finding some way to make the black marks under his eyes. He loved this idea, so Friday Braeden will be a Giants guy (his words).

He told me yesterday that Makena's mom doesn't want her getting her real costume dirty either, so she'll be a cheerleader Friday. I love how nicely their costumes will go together. Not that the Giants have cheerleaders...thank goodness! The other upshot to his costume idea is that his teacher is a big Cowboys fan. And sticking it to a Cowboys fan always puts a smile on my face!

Monday, October 12, 2009


I'm trying to ease back into blogging...I think that makes it sound like I was overdoing it and my loved ones had to stage an intervention. And we all know it's just the opposite for me.

Braeden and Gage have become obsessed with the few beanie babies I have. It started with Braeden and the elephant, Trumpet. Then he had to have a sandy-colored bear named Almond. Gage fell in love with the black labrador. There's also a pug that sometimes gets called into action. Those beanie babies are in addition to the 72,000 other animals Braeden insists on sleeping with. Each time he adds someone new to the mix, Mat and I try to edit one out so there will always be room for him in his bed. The best part about it is watching him with the animals. He is so careful and loving with them. He carries them very gently in his arms as he comes down the stairs or brings them into my room at night to snuggle. And Gage is very cute with the black lab. He tucks it up under his arm and toddles around with it. But when he gets bored with it, he just throws it on the ground. But God forbid Braeden should pick it up. Suddenly Gage is all over it again! Mat keeps saying he understands why parents buy two identical toys just to keep the kids from arguing about the thing. He's probably said it four or five times lately so I think you can imagine the scenes we've witnessed when both boys want to play with the same thing at the same time.

Speaking of playing, another favorite game involves pulling all the pillows off our living room furniture and piling them up on the floor. Braeden likes to jump off the chair onto them and I've been trying to train him NOT to do it if Gage is laying on the pillows. In their calmer moods they like to lie on the pillows and under the blankets I keep on the couch. This past weekend Braeden was completely covered by one of the blankets and Gage plopped down right on top of him. Without thinking, Braeden sat up and pushed him off which made Gage topple backward. He bumped his head into the edge of our entertainment center. You just knew it was going to be a bad one. He started screaming immediately and there was an instantaneous bump when he'd hit his head. Poor kid! He seems to have recovered pretty quickly. But of course I panicked that the kid was going to have some kind of head trauma. I put a bag of peas on it (nope, no flexible ice packs in this house). And he was fine. Just like Mat said he would be.

Then he came home yesterday with bite marks on his arm. The same kid bit him twice in about five minutes time. The first time it was over a toy that they were "sharing" and the second time happened while Bitey McBiterson was in timeout. Apparently Gage who seems not to have a mean bone in his body (seriously, where did this kid come from??) went over to Bitey in timeout wanting to play with him again. I really wish the day care would name names. You only find out who the biters and hitters are if you happen to be picking up at the same time as the offender's parents are there.

Braeden's doing great at school. He hasn't had a bad day in a very long time. In fact, there was a day a couple of weeks ago when he was the only good kid in his room. Which is not to say he doesn't act up at home sometimes. He is one dramatic kid. Or melodramatic, I'm not sure which is more accurate. And of course we think he's brilliant. :) I had Mat bring home a big stack of post-its; I wrote the names of things on them and we taped them all over the downstairs so he could get used to seeing how words are spelled. I'm not sure yet that he's really paying too much attention to them but I'm pretty sure one day he'll surprise me by spelling something from a post-it. His handwriting is pretty good, too. He gets his lowercase b's and d's confused sometimes, but otherwise he's doing well.

He still likes telling riddles...what's blue, really fast, and sounds like this (brrrrrrr)? If you guessed daddy's new car you'd be wrong. Or at least last night you would be. Last night the answer to that riddle was Bill's car. (Bill is our neighbor and he has a blue Nissan Z.) He also likes hearing stories about the house I grew up in in Rhinebeck, especially a certain story about a dog who got stuck in our pool. Last night I told him to ask MeMa and P-Pa about it when we see them next. I'm pretty sure he'll remember. He's good like that. He remembers EVERYTHING!

Maybe with all this writing out of the way, tonight I'll get around to posting the pictures I've taken over the past few weeks. I said maybe, right?? You can't hold me to that. :)