Monday, November 23, 2009


Well, this one has been a long time coming!!

Braeden was a fireman for Christmas this year. We found the costume at Costco and bought it incredibly early as we were worried it would sell out if we waited. Braeden loved it. He hates trying on new clothes and is not crazy about hats, but he was thrilled to put this on Halloween night.

But just because he got dressed right away didn't mean he was prepared to cooperate on all fronts. He did not want his picture taken, so this was the first shot of him I got.

After his initial refusal, he cooperated enough that I could take a few more.

It's almost like he's daring me to take his picture in this one.

For all that Braeden loved his costume, Gage hated his. Just as Braeden was the year he was two, Gage was a duck this year. He was incredibly miserable when I first put the costume on him (just like Braeden was three years ago). He mellowed out when we finally got outside and even got into the fun of trick or treating after a little bit. But the only pictures I could get were of him crying and carrying on.

It was getting dark, so the photos outside aren't the best. But I love this one of him walking. He just looks so little. The thing that finally really calmed him down was getting a couple pieces of candy. The whole night he walked around with a 3 Musketeers clutched in one hand and a Snickers in the other. He would not let them go. By the time we pried them out of his hands so he could have his bath, they had lost all the physical properties of candy bars. Needless to say, I threw them right away when he wasn't looking!

This was the first year I think Halloween really worked in our neighborhood. On our street, there are three other families with little kids. Michelle and Shaler are our neighbors two doors down, and they have a daughter named Kendall who is four months younger than Gage. She's a beautiful little girl with blond curls. Shaler was on his way back from somewhere, so Michelle and Kendall went out with the four of us.

We went to the houses on our street then walked around the block. When we got to the street behind ours, it was packed with families. Kids in costume, some being pulled in wagons, dogs on leashes (always an issue with Braeden), and one family being chauffeured around in a golf cart (so lazy!). It felt like we were part of a community. I loved it!

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Me-ma said...

Thanks for the halloween post! I loved the "in-costume" photos! Boy do I remember you and Aunt Abi trying to convince Braeden to get into the duck costume when we were all together at Rehoboth Beach and all the crying and carrying on. Then I remember Braeden got into the spirit of being a duck, loved it, sat on Uncle Jeremy's lap for story time and by the time you took him out of the costume, he was a warm little boy! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like fun being part of a community trick or treating event.