Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Forbidden fruit

Gage did the silliest thing the other night. Mat immediately told me it had to go on the blog. And he was right!

After dinner one night, Braeden asked me for a piece of gum. We almost always have gumballs or gummy squares (chiclet-type squares in different flavors), but we got down to the flavors he doesn't like and threw them all away. All I had was some gum in my purse. It's not a flavor Braeden really likes, but he wanted gum so he was willing to compromise.

We went into the living room together and I got the gum out of my purse, opened the package and gave him a piece. Gagey whined about wanting one but I explained he's too little for gum. I went back into the kitchen and left the boys watching cartoons.

A few minutes later, Gage came into the kitchen and threw something away. We didn't think too much of it...he's a good little helper and likes to pick up and throw junk away.

He wandered back in a couple minutes later and I heard Mat ask him what was in his mouth. I turned and noticed him chewing on something. I tried sticking my finger in his mouth but he clamped his teeth down. But I could smell the gum, so I forced my finger in and grabbed it out of his mouth.

That kid had gone into my purse, found the package, opened it, taken one stick out, unwrapped it, put the package back in my purse, thrown the wrapper away in the garbage, and was very happily chewing on a piece of gum.

Cute, but naughty too. :)

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