Monday, January 25, 2010

The weekend

I don't normally post about me, or just me anyway, but I wanted to share how I spent this past Saturday.

Last fall, I was making visits with a colleague in Durham. We had time to kill, so I suggested we visit a yarn store, Cozy. She browsed the clothes and gifty items section while I found some beautiful bamboo yarn in that section. When she realized how interested I was in knitting, she suggested I meet a friend of hers who is also a knitter. She introduced and we became ravelry friends. (That's an online community of knitters who share patterns, notes on yarn, etc.)

Well, Barbara (my new ravelry friend) was having a birthday and her amazing husband, Ed, contacted a woman she had met at SAFF. (Back in October both Barbara and I went to SAFF, the Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival, in Asheville. I was there with a work friend and had no idea Barbara was there.) Barbara had taken a class with an amazing knitter, writer, and pattern designer named Kathleen Taylor. Ed must have gotten an earful about how fantastic the class was and how much she loved Kathi because he decided to fly Kathi out here (from South Dakota!) for a day of knitting. Ed knew that Barbara had this ravelry friend...he tracked me down and the next thing I knew I was committed to spending the entire day with them and some of Barbara's other knitting friends. Wow!

We had an incredible day. In fact, Kathi sums it up better than I could. And her description comes with pictures, so check out her blog post about Saturday. We dyed yarn, stabbed roving with super-sharp needles, ate, laughed, knitted, asked questions, and ate some more. It was so much fun!

While I was in knitting nirvana, Mat took the boys to see barber Dan, went to the grocery store, and took them outside to play with a couple of the neighborhood kids. It sounds like everyone had a great Saturday!

Sunday was a rainy, lazy day. Gage was running a low temperature during the day (that was 103.8 at bed time) but he was in a pretty good mood all day, not too clingy or fussy. He's home today with Mat since his temp was between 100 and 101 this morning. According to Mat, he's happy and playing like a kid with no temp.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Gagey speaks

We've been thinking a lot about Gagey's language development. We're convinced that Braeden talked more at this age than Gage. But we figure Braeden had more encouragement from us as first-time parents to talk. And Braeden didn't have an older brother who never shuts up, so he had lots of chances to talk and practice his new words that Gage doesn't have.

Because one parent is obsessive and the other likes lists, we started a list on the fridge of Gage's words. I figured it was about time we shared that, in no particular order, here we go:

1. mama/mommy
2. mouse
3. dog
4. bus
5. truck
6. duck
7. cat
8. bye-bye
9. off
10. owl
11. cookie (or cook-cook)
12. cracker
13. cheese
14. shoes
15. socks
16. blocks
17. out
18. door
19. put
20. that
21. hi
22. eyes
23. nose
24. mouth
25. ball
26. baby
27. dishes
28. hot
29. uh-oh
30. hat
31. poop
32. ice
33. yea!!
34. apple
35. moon
36. ta da
37. ho ho
38. applesauce
39. fish
40. this
41. yes
42. no
43. daddy
44. choo choo
45. snowball

He's also gotten better at putting together some words into phrases like bye-bye cat or hi guys. When we ask him if he wants something to drink, we get a big nod and a smile instead of a yes usually. If he doesn't want what we're offering, he shakes his head and says no. When he wants to know what something is (which is all the time, he'll point to it and say this.

One of my favorite things he does is make animal sounds. He knows that cows moo, sheep say baaa, frogs say ribbit, dogs bark, cats meow, wolves howl, ducks quack, lions roar, owls say who, and mouses say me me me in a really high-pitched voice.

Routine doctor's appointments??

In the immortal words of Charlie Brown...

Good grief!

Thursday morning we took the boys for their annual check-ups. Last year's simultaneous appointments went so well, I went ahead and booked this year's appointments together as well. And drama ensued.

The exam table comes out diagonally from the wall, so Braeden likes to crawl behind it and pretend he's in a cave (or something like that). And whatever Braeden does, Gage wants to do. Mat and I were talking to the doctor and, at the same time, watching the boys crawl around the floor. Then we heard Gage cry; I turned towards him and picked him up when I heard Mat say he was bleeding. He had split his top lip open when he fell forward. It bled quite a bit (all over the front of my shirt!) but stopped bleeding pretty quickly once the doctor stepped in to apply pressure. The three adults all felt bad because we clearly weren't paying enough attention to what the kids were doing.

After that, things seemed to settle down. The kids got weighed and measured, and Braeden passed the vision test and successfully completed the hearing test. I breathed a huge sigh of relief on that one after last year's debacle with the headphones. His blood pressure is perfect at 86 over 42. He weighs 40 pounds and is 44 inches tall (or 3 feet 8 inches) placing him in the 50th percentile for weight and 75th for height. Braeden jumped up on the scale again this year proving that he is excellent at following directions. Gage is 32 inches tall and weighs 23 pounds (or less than one pound more than Braeden weighed when he was ONE). Gage is still tracking in the 3rd percentile for weight but the doctor remains pleased he's on the chart and not showing a dramatic increase or decrease. On the positive side for Gagey, his iron level is finally normal so we're done with the iron supplement. Looks like all the roast beef we've been feeding him has paid off!

Braeden got his finger pricked to check for lead and iron (both fine) and we learned he would need four shots. Gage also had his finger pricked and was thoroughly pissed off we insisted on covering it with a band-aid. He needed one shot. And it's right around now that the train really went off the track.

Gage was crying and whining incessantly about the band-aid (seriously??) and Braeden was freaking out about the shots (so loudly our doctor thought it was his post-shot reaction). Mat took Gage out for a walk to distract him, and I set to work calming Braeden down. I got him quiet but he was still wired, so he took off after Mat and Gage determined not to miss anything fun. From the exam room I heard a door slam and then Braeden screaming.

It turns out it wasn't a door slamming, but my kid's head slamming into the door handle. And now he's bleeding. A lot. More blood than I've ever seen. He runs to me and I press my hand on his head convinced he's cracked his head open. It felt like forever (and a gallon of blood) before the nurses appeared with towels but I'm sure it was seconds. They put him in a chair in the hallway and our doctor's nurse held a towel to his scalp while I held his hands. He was panicked...making this sound over and over again. Blood is dripping onto the chair seat and he's desperately trying to get away from it. He wants to hold my hands but we're both covered in blood and that's freaking him out. One of the nurses handed me wet towels and I went to work cleaning us up, talking non-stop about who knows what to distract him.

At this point, the doctor appears and is completely confused. She had heard a kid got hurt but didn't realize it was our kid. Everyone seems to realize we're in the hallway and might be freaking out the other kids and their parents, so we move back into the exam room. Our nurse is still applying pressure and I start talking to Braeden about my shirt. Not the bloody one, but the black cardigan I'm wearing over it. "It snaps but I never snap it up. I don't know why. I don't think I like it snapped. MeMa bought it for me years ago. Do you think I should snap one of the snaps? Want to help me?" We snapped all the snaps, then undid them, snapped just a few...I was amazed this worked but he was completely distracted my shirt and its snaps.

Things got a little fuzzy after this...Gage got his shot and Braeden got a pass on his. The doctor looked at his head and decided he needed stitches. I got nauseous and became convinced I would throw up. Someone called the hospital. I got over my nausea because I had to. Mat took Gage to day care. And I took Braeden to the ER.

I checked him in as he told the women behind the desk all about his injury. At this point, he was starting to seem like himself (happy to be the center of attention, proud, and interested in everything around him). The woman kept asking me if Braeden had ever been to the hospital before and I kept saying no when it hit me that he had been. When he was three months old he had an ultrasound because of his reflux. His head was still bleeding a little so the woman went looking for gauze. Instead of gauze, she took us right back to a room.

All in all, we were in the hospital for about 30 minutes. Braeden ate a bag of goldfish, Mat arrived in time to give the admit person his social security number, everyone was very surprised to learn this happened at the doctor's office, I washed the rest of the blood off my hands and arms, and a PA put two staples in his head, gave us care instructions, and sent us on our way. Mat went back to work and I took Braeden home stopping on the way for coffee for me and chocolate milk from McDonald's for B. I would have taken him anywhere for anything but that's what he wanted. And I knew we both deserved something to calm our nerves.

We had a lazy rest of the day watching cartoons and eating snacks. We clean his wound twice a day and put antibacterial cream on it. The big question I had for the PA (after the staples were in and I was convinced he would be fine) was what we should do about his party on Saturday. I knew canceling wasn't an option so I needed to know if there was anything special we should do. She suggested covering it with gauze and making him wear a hat. Actually they said toboggan but I'm translating for everyone who isn't Southern. I'll post later about his party, but suffice it to say, he had a great time and his head wound wasn't an issue at all!

Braeden's staples come out later this week. And he still has to go in at the end of the month for his four shots. And next year? Separate appointments. Different days.