Monday, January 11, 2010

Gagey speaks

We've been thinking a lot about Gagey's language development. We're convinced that Braeden talked more at this age than Gage. But we figure Braeden had more encouragement from us as first-time parents to talk. And Braeden didn't have an older brother who never shuts up, so he had lots of chances to talk and practice his new words that Gage doesn't have.

Because one parent is obsessive and the other likes lists, we started a list on the fridge of Gage's words. I figured it was about time we shared that, in no particular order, here we go:

1. mama/mommy
2. mouse
3. dog
4. bus
5. truck
6. duck
7. cat
8. bye-bye
9. off
10. owl
11. cookie (or cook-cook)
12. cracker
13. cheese
14. shoes
15. socks
16. blocks
17. out
18. door
19. put
20. that
21. hi
22. eyes
23. nose
24. mouth
25. ball
26. baby
27. dishes
28. hot
29. uh-oh
30. hat
31. poop
32. ice
33. yea!!
34. apple
35. moon
36. ta da
37. ho ho
38. applesauce
39. fish
40. this
41. yes
42. no
43. daddy
44. choo choo
45. snowball

He's also gotten better at putting together some words into phrases like bye-bye cat or hi guys. When we ask him if he wants something to drink, we get a big nod and a smile instead of a yes usually. If he doesn't want what we're offering, he shakes his head and says no. When he wants to know what something is (which is all the time, he'll point to it and say this.

One of my favorite things he does is make animal sounds. He knows that cows moo, sheep say baaa, frogs say ribbit, dogs bark, cats meow, wolves howl, ducks quack, lions roar, owls say who, and mouses say me me me in a really high-pitched voice.

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Me-ma said...

We heard most of those words and loved them all. Also love the way he says yes, sort of like "s" and smiles at the same time. Very coy! What a cutie-pie.