Thursday, February 25, 2010

Such a big boy

We had a huge night last night with Gage...he used the potty!

It's been at least a month since he wanted it pulled out from under his crib. He really likes to sit on it (fully dressed). He likes taking it apart...standing in it...and trying to put it back together again. A couple weeks ago I was telling him all about it while he sat on it. He started pulling at his clothes and I asked him if I should take them off. He nodded, so then he was sitting naked on the potty.

We talked some more and read a couple books, but he got bored and wandered off to play. We've done that a few more times since then. And last night as I was getting him ready for bed, he went over to the potty and pulled on his clothes.

I got him undressed and he sat down. We talked about the potty again, and he pointed in the bowl. Then he stood up and acted like he was going to pee standing up. Very calmly, so as not to scare him, I explained that's something big boys like Braeden do. And I sat him back down. A few minutes later he stood back up. And the next thing I know he's peeing. Not in the potty, but close to it. :)

Inside my head, I'm freaking out because he's peeing on the carpet but I know he knows he's trying to pee in the potty. I wait until he's done then pick him up and sit him down again. I told him how great he did and told him he could pee some more if he needed to. I called for Mat and when I turned back around, he had peed a little in the potty!


With Braeden it was such a hassle just getting him to sit on the potty. I just went back and reread the potty training posts for this one, and this one (yikes!!), and this one, and finally this one. And then his little brother loves sitting on his potty. The challenge with him is that he wants to be just like his big brother and pee standing up. We put a couple towels under the potty in his room so we're better prepared for the next time. Maybe tonight!

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