Monday, March 8, 2010

Quiet, lazy weekends rock!

We had one of those quiet weekends spent just hanging around the house. Friday night we went to dinner in Greensboro to one of our favorite places, Tex & Shirleys, for pancakes. They have the best pancakes! And it's incredibly kid-friendly, so no one minds if Braeden dances around our table or if Gage stands up in his high chair and tries to steal food off trays headed to other tables.

Saturday morning I was home with the boys by myself while Mat participated in one of the craziest things ever. He ran up 30 flights of stairs in a tower in Winston-Salem. The stair climb was a fundraiser to benefit MS. He was one of 250 people to do it, and he finished in 4:47...under five minutes to run UP 30 flights of stairs! He finished 5th in his age group and 13th overall! Totally nuts!!

There's a photo of Mat at the end of the stair climb here. There are photos of other people actually running the stairs but none of him. :(

While he was doing that, I made scrambled eggs for the boys then we watched cartoons and went to the grocery store. Since it was just us, I told Braeden we could get a car cart. And it was the best decision ever. Usually Braeden gets his own little cart and my job is to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone or break the store. He loves to run down the aisles pushing his cart, and we're just lucky the store isn't more busy than it is! With the car cart, they're both sitting side-by-side in the top of the cart with their own steering wheels. And neither one of them can get out! So perfect.

Saturday afternoon Mat took Braeden for a walk after his rest time. They went in a house that's being built behind ours. Bray is fascinated by this stuff; he loves to know how stuff is built. I know he had a great time seeing "inside" the walls and hearing where the plumbing will be and how it works. Then they walked down to see an abandoned house. I don't much about it but it used to belong to one of the original owners of the land our development sits on. He went bankrupt, couldn't pay his vendors, and lost the land. Braeden loves exploring, and he loved walking through the woods to the abandoned house. He told me all about it when he got back; then he told MeMa all about it when we talked to her on Sunday.

One night this weekend Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was on TV, so I recorded it for Braeden and Gage to watch. They've been watching in 30-minute increments in the mornings and at night and should finish it tonight. I was worried Braeden wouldn't like it...he's so used to the flashy animated movies they make today, I thought he might get bored. And I had forgotten how dark and scary Snow White was in parts. Near the beginning (after the evil stepmother orders the huntsman to kill Snow White and bring her heart back in a box!), Snow White is running through the forest. There's scary music and all the normal forest stuff looks threatening to her. When it was all over, I made a big point of saying how all the scary stuff was just in her imagination. But Braeden wasn't scared. This morning he watched the part where the stepmother turns into the crone and makes the poison apple. And he's still fine. I'm glad he likes the classic Disney movies as much as he likes the new ones. It's nice to share these with him.

When I think of Snow White, the first thing that comes to my mind is the record we used to have when I was a kid. It must have been my mom's...when we were sick, we would lay on the couch and listen to it. There was a book with the story and the dog (Nipper??) would bark when it was time to turn the pages. Abi and I used to really love it!

No pictures from this weekend. And no updates from Gage on the potty either. In fact, this was a very Braeden-centered post. Oh, and Mat...he never gets any blog love. So, the next post will be all about Gagey! If you think you can stand it...