Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Each year for Mother's Day the boys and I go to brunch. We've been somewhere different each year...I guess I'm still looking for the perfect spot. Last year we went to the Village Tavern but this year we went to Lucky 32. Mat and I have always liked that restaurant and used to go BK (before kids). It's not that it's not a place you can bring kids, we just tend to go to the easy places now...Mexican, breakfast dinner, pizza, that kind of thing. The waitress was nice enough to take our picture after we ate. No, Mat can't smile. It's not what he does in pictures.

But I can almost always count on Braeden to smile for the camera.

After brunch we stopped by the Fresh Market and came home with green beans, strawberries, sour patch kids, and a few of their amazingly delicious pillow cookies--brownie pillow cookies for the boys and almond for me.

When we got home Mat took a few pictures of the boys and me. I love that one of Braeden and me. Gagey was being stubborn and refusing to sit with us. He just really wanted to sit on the ottoman.

I think we might have bribed Gage to get him in these next pictures with us. Then Braeden and I had to do what we could to make him laugh, but in the end I love these pictures.

Especially this one...

The boys made me some very cute presents at school this year. Braeden's class painted on vases and made tissue paper flowers. And from Gage, I got a travel mug (the kind you can insert photos into) with a couple of cute pictures of him inside.

Mat got me a necklace I'd been admiring from a great store called the vintage pearl.

You are My Sunshine has been one of my favorite songs since high school. It became even more special to me when Braeden and his class sang it at last year's graduation ceremony. Remember that?

Another great Mother's Day!


Peanut Driscoll said...

I love these pictures, Mel!

Me-ma said...

Wonderful post and photos! You look great. (May I have a couple of those photos for my library here?) Thanks for the details of your special day. I love it all!