Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Growing up

I've half-written a few posts and never finished them, so here's an oldie but goodie from the end of June...

It's half-birthday time for the boys...it just doesn't seem possible that it's been six months since we celebrated their second and fifth birthdays.

Braeden continues to crack us up with the things he says and does. He's always been into dressing up but it's gotten so much more involved now. He'll disappear up to his room and come down with a jacket on (and yes, it's like 95 degrees here!!), his red rain boots, and a hat (a red one, of course, that he decorated at school). Then he accessorizes with 15 silly bands and whatever else he has lying around (a UNCG lapel pin, a pirate eye patch and sword, plastic bead necklaces...). The silly bands were gifts from girls. Yes, our kid is the mack daddy of the playground. His friend Alex (who we do play dates with) gave him most of them, but Makena gave him one, so did Kiera, and a little girl at the pool gave him one Sunday afternoon. We haven't bought any of the bands ourselves...why should we?? UPDATE: We've now bought him a couple of packages. He can't wear them to kindergarten so they seem to have lost some of their luster for him.

I'm more than a little sad to write this next part. My baby is growing up. Gage is sitting in the booster seat at the table, and we've taken our high chair to Goodwill. We've transitioned him to pull-ups during the day and cloth for naps and overnights. I had forgotten how crummy wet disposable diapers smelled! The upshot, though, is there's a lot less laundry being done! Gage is getting really good at letting us know he needs to use the potty and at not peeing in the pull-up. But we have had a few accidents...one day we sat him on the potty in the kitchen with no success. I was the one who said he didn't need a pull-up; I figured he'd know when he needed to pee and head over to the potty. Instead Braeden informed us that Gage had just peed on the floor. And the wall. And the window ledge. And after his bath one night, while he stood on the stool to brush his teeth in the bathroom, he peed on the stool and floor. Oh, and Mat's feet. :)

Oh well. Accidents happen and we make sure Gagey knows we're not upset with him. It may not be a straight path from diapers to underwear, but at least Mat and I feel like we're getting somewhere with it now.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Since I can't be counted on to actually blog, the least I can do is post a cute picture now and then.

Here are my two boys at the pool Sunday morning.

We've started going in the mornings on the weekends. It means we share the pool with one or maybe two other families, and it's not as hot so it's easier for Gage. The poor kid overheats really quickly. We had the same problem with Braeden but Gage has my fair skin, so we're also worried about sunburns. (And yes, we use sunblock, but it only does so much.)

Gage isn't so sure about the pool. He'd rather stand on the edge. And dip his watering can in to the pool. Then pour the water into a bucket. And pour the water from the bucket back into the pool. And when he talks about the pool, he doesn't just say pool. He says pool water. He wants to play with the pool water. He wants to go to the pool water. It's hard to say no when he asks in such a cute way.

Braeden likes to sit on his noodle and paddle around. Sometimes he wears his goggles...not that he puts his face in the water or anything. Yesterday morning he freaked out when I tried to get him to kick without his noodle. I was holding onto his arms so his head was above water, but he freaked out anyway. And then in the afternoon (when Mat took him back after nap), he realized he could touch the bottom in the shallow end and still have his head above water. And with that, he was fine about giving up the noodle and kicking while Mat held him up.

His freak-outs make me laugh more than anything else. They stress Mat out completely. He wants something to invent a special kind of camp for kids like Braeden. Grow-the-fuck-up sleep-away camp. One activity involves giving the kid his most favorite dinner, letting him eat a few bites, then knocking the plate to the ground. Gotta love him!