Thursday, August 12, 2010

Graduation came and went

Braeden's graduation from his pre-school happened at the end of May. Yeah, I'm a little slow at getting around to blogging about it. He had a great time at the graduation. Mat and I did not.

I went into it with really high expectations. I loved last year's event where Braeden's class sang a couple of songs. I guess I tuned out any part of last year's ceremony that didn't directly involve my kid. (I suppose that's how I'll get through the many years of band concerts, recitals, etc. that we have in our future!) Each class of graduating kids did a little something--Braeden's class sang a song about the rules of the classroom (much cuter when he's singing it one-on-one) and they each named something they loved. Braeden's thing was letters and numbers (and counting in Spanish, too). The kids also got to tell the parents what it was they wanted to be when they grew up. A lot of the boys said fireman or police man. A couple said dog catcher. :) Braeden said he wanted to be a professor or a fireman. I'm sure Mat was touched.

After the class performances, they played some country song with a whiny guy singing about how kids grow up so fast. Why must all country songs sound so whiny and cliche? Then the woman who owns the day care stood on the stage and delivered what I'm sure was the exact same speech she gave last year about how the graduates represent the day care when they leave so each kid has to act his or best so people know the day care did a good job caring for and teaching them.

Seriously? That was the best thing she could come up with to say? She wouldn't rather have used her time to talk about how proud they all are of the kids and how much they've all grown? Some of these kids were there from three months on...they learned to walk, talk, count, speak some Spanish, share (sometimes), and so much more in those years. Wouldn't it have been nice if she could have talked about some of those things?

I just don't get it! Mat and I texted back and forth throughout her entire speech. (He was down front hoping to get pictures of Braeden getting his diploma so we couldn't just whisper to each other.)

The kids were called to the stage to receive their diplomas in the order the woman pulled them from the basket so there was no way of knowing when Braeden would get to walk across the stage. Braeden ended up being near the end so I filmed all the kids but the video didn't turn out very well. The lighting in the church made it hard to take any good pictures. The other pictures we took later at home. Braeden loves his cap and gown. He wears the gown all the time when he's in a dress-up mood. He likes to run in the gown because it billows out behind him. It also reminds him of a lab coat which suits his aspirations of becoming a professor (or a scientist) to a T.

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Candace said...

Great shots of the graduate! We can really tell that he's proud of his robe! I like the part about him racing around the house and the robe billowing behind him! Very Braeden! Thanks for sharing.